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cephalopods,tentacles & horror
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Astonishing Painting

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Hubert Spala
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Welcome to my humble internet abode!

Hello there. Chance are, if you are reading this, you are amongst the tiniest fraction of a percent of people who would ever read a Deviant ID. Perhaps cynism soaked through to my core, but I do not believe anyone really pay much if any attention to this box! None the less I decided to update it once and for all to finally gather all links, sources and places of my online activity in one coherent post for ease of search and peruse! Therefore instead of a boorish bio information about me, let me just tell you that here you will find links and other stuff needed to find me everywhere online. Simple enough, let's get to it!

Do you have Discord? Do you want to idle with new buddies that share your creative spark? Do you want to post your work and gain some feedback and constructive criticism? Or perhaps you look for some more active inspiration, an art buddy, a place to vent your artistic frustrations? If so, please feel very welcome to join us!

►►► ◄◄◄

F O L L O W - M E - O N - O T H E R - A R T M E D I A !


Ac5a L by ionicsquidgenerator

Hello friends, followers and watchers! This is not artwork, I know, but my latest purchase made me will to change the usual content I drop here, and indeed do a proper review of the thing. I was thinking about writing reviews on art supplies for some time, but heck, never went down into writing one. I mean, not until now, anyway! So, to cut it to the bone and the core of the matter – Huion Kamvas GT156HD Graphic Tablet. Is it worth it? Is it better or worse than Wacom Cintiq? And if so, to what degree?

Feeling of Chinese Luxury

My biggest fear I had when I decided to give Huion product a try was the quality of the components. It’s not that all Chinese products are automatically crappy, but when you offer a product that is significantly cheaper than its main competitor (that is also a dominant force in the market in question) and promise same’ish features, you kind of start to expect them to cut some corners. And the quality of the materials is one of the easiest places to spare some expenses…

That fear was pretty much banished when I opened the package. Big, heavy, black box looked professional from the start, but after opening it, I was utterly delighted. Everything packed perfectly, all the components are there and they were as high quality as you could hope for. Tablet itself is big and heavy, but it feels just /right/ - plastics don’t feel cheap at all, are smooth and polished. The entire tablet doesn’t creak or give way to pressure, giving a feel of stolid solidity. Every other component is a delight too. Pen is light as a feather and comes in a quite luxurious case with all extra bits (Like spare nibs and a metal ring holder for nibs replacement). One thick, 3-in-1 cable is quite a pleasant thing and will surely save some cable clutter while connecting this beastie.

The holder is a curious thing. It’s fully separate and looks kind of strange with this sprayed-on-silver. But it’s heavy, it stays in place and is both very intuitive to use, offers quite a few positions for the tablet and holds it without any issue. Good stuff. Now let’s see how it works…

Smooth Sailing

Well then. First big point goes to Huion over Wacom. I don’t know about you guys, but when it came to Wacom Drivers for my Windows PC’s, it was pretty much always a terrible experience. They disconnected, they didn’t work, they crash, they put out some silly error windows on startup… Windows Drivers from Wacom, at least for their older devices, were a nightmarish experience for me – deeply frustrating and unsatisfactory. Huion drivers installed within a minute, without any issue and the tablet connected after the installation not only worked perfectly from the start, but also had a surprisingly good Hotkeys already assigned in Photoshop – my main painting software. All in all, it wasn’t any hassle to connect the tablet to my PC – both from the hardware perspective thanks to the 3-in-1 cable and from the software perspective, as the drivers worked flawlessly.

Good Quality, Excellent Price

I wasn’t expecting the same quality of input and features as Wacom Cintiq offers. Simply because I still believe that Wacom Cintiq is significantly more expensive due to the final quality… And mostly because I have constant opportunity to check Cintiq at my workplace. It’s smooth, it’s responsive, it’s polished. But Kamvas is not really far behind! Pressure control is pretty much the same as Wacom tablets, it feels very smooth and gives proper feedback. Lag is slightly bigger in Huion tablet, and you can sometimes feel that the brush is being dragged behind your nib, but it’s both rare occurrence and when it happens, it is rather minimal. Tablet reacts to tapping well and the customizable hotkeys are really nice – tactile, responsive and easily reprogrammed to serve your purposes.

To be honest, I don’t feel any drastic downsides to Huion tablet when comparing it to Cintiq. Screen is bright and clear, pen works flawlessly, feedback is great and constant… Where are the flaws in this tablet, considering how much cheaper it is?

There are few, even if minor. First, Pen needs to be charged. While it is light and is nice to hold, you need to remember to charge it often or simply make a habit of putting it on a cable leash after every drawing session just to not run out of juice mid-painting. That could be quite frustrating. Second, the edges of the screen act a little weird. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it feels that the edges of the working area of Huion tablet are somehow less responsive? I have no idea if it’s just a figment of my imagination or some minor fault in design or software, but working on the screen edges feel a little off. Zooming while using the miniature side touchpad is jittery and iffy – it’s definitely not smooth, but I guess that’s mostly nitpicking, since the touch-wheel on Wacoms I used before didn’t offer smooth zoom either.

Worthy purchase?

I think it is. I don’t bash Wacom guys… I use their products for years and still work on Intuos Pro at work. And there are pretty much no issues with it. It’s top quality stuff. But I also believe that their brand power is getting a little out of hand, and they charge a shit-ton of cash just because they can as a company that is placed and praised as an absolute sovereign of this market. And it surely was – About 10 years ago I had a Wacom Graphire tablet and a Pentagram XXL. I literally threw the Pentagram into the trash, where it belonged – Wacom had no competition in the past and so it builds an image of The Only Company for you, when you need a graphic tablet.

But the times changed, and more and more companies rise to test the mettle of the old king. If you want a screen graphic tablet with really satisfactory performance but don’t want to splurge… Huion Kamvas is a product I can fully recommend. For more than half the price-tag you get a device that is so similar, you hardly will feel a difference in most scenarios.

Totally worth it.

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